40+ top talented software engineers and managers across the globe entrusted with developing and maintaining the digital part of your business.
Your unique strategy and processes require individual and better solutions to achieve really excellent results.

Standard software and components do not work anymore. "Everything in-house" approach too.

We believe in professional services approach and we strive to deliver the solutions to our customers to help them achieve their goals in the best way ever.
Extended development teams
Instant scaling of in-house teams by access to our expertise, resources and solutions can provide you fast and measurable results within a few hours after the project launch. Experienced high-performant Software Engineers with technical and product's industry skills deliver predictable results on-quality, on-budget and on-deadlines.

A dedicated team will be fully integrated into your company's processes and involved in your project directly under your management.

The engineers and the managers of Axept rely on an established strategy of seamless cooperation with your in-house teams to ensure efficient and rapid development.
Product development services
We'll be happy to develop the main conception of a product according to your idea, your company's goals and existing portfolio. We can develop product strategies of competitive advantage, discover better opportunities, explore the dynamics of your market industry, competitors cases, explore trends and use new technologies for promoting your brand.

Developing new products and business processes, timing developing, cost estimation, ways of motivation, documentation and all life important of a product.
QA, DevOps & Project management services
Reviewing SRS, product requirements and designing a risks matrix to make a strength realistic project plan and alternative scenarios. Designing test strategy, test plans and test-cases, planning, execution and controlling of the project schedule, budgets and other kind of resources.

Day-to-day analyzing metrics, insights and performance of the team, issues and milestones to boost development process and to keep deadlines.

We can implement automated QA environment like automated integration tests, functional tests and DevOps environment to deliver CI/CD workflow.
Is there something relevant for you right now? Or may be you are interesting in something else?

In both ways, contact us. We'd be happy to help you or to recommend you a good enough solution.
Since 2002 our clients ask us to help build them custom SaaS, Self-Service Portals, Control Panels, CRM systems, Social Networks, Dashboards, Workflow and Business-Process Automation tools.

We got a lot of experience and solutions in this field and we'd love to share it with you.
React, React.js, React Native, Redux, MobX, Backbone, TypeScript, Flow, Apollo, ApolloQL, Firebase, Node.js, Express, Koa, Python, Golang, Fluentd, GraphQL, JSONAPI, JSON, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Grafana, Sentry, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, InfluxDB, Microsoft SQL Server, DotNET, Java, Spring, CoreOS, Ubuntu
During the existence of our company, we have come a long way through many different technology trends. Programming languages, frameworks, design patterns.

In 2014 we have built our first full-stack React.js + Node.js business applications for our clients. In May of 2016 our client launched the mobile application which had been built by us using React Native and GraphQL. One month later we've launched the Kubernetes cluster to production.

Do you have some challenging tasks to do?
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We truly love and we're feeling very proud of each project which has been implemented, developed and delivered by us for our clients.

There are several of them just to show you which kind of software products fits good to be implemented by our teams quickly and well.
Professional social network
Privacy-focused Internet search engine
Business-Process Automation portal for Insurance corporation
SravniRu – VZR
Online-service for searching and buying Insurance products
Contact us right now and get a free consultation
We truly love and we're feeling very proud of each project which has been implemented, developed and delivered by us for our clients.
Interesting facts
For so many years our company exists* and provides software consulting and development services.
Software development projects has been implemented by our teams.
The number of different technologies and tools in our core expertise which we use to empower solutions
for our customers.
Send your request for first contact. Choose the type of service, add your comments, and our best managers will contact you for further details as soon as it possible.
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